Stumped by Seed Stitch Border

Okay, I am working on a sweater that has a 5 stitch seed stitch border on the edges. I am working back and forth on circulars.

It says in the pattern definition for seed stitch:
Row 1: K, P, K, P, K
Row 2: P, K, P, K, P

But on it says that if you are working in uneven amount of stitches with seed stitch, you start every row with knit.

If I follow their instructions, it looks like I’m knitting the knits instead of the purls, etc.

I’m so confused! I just had to rip it all out and I’m starting over, but the frustrating part is that I have to work quite a bit of the pattern before I can tell if the seed stitch looks right and I don’t want to have to rip it all out again. :noway:

Can anyone help me make sense of this before I get going again?

Sounds more like moss st where you work 2 rows in pattern.

Seed would be KPKPK on every row.
Moss is (as your pattern) R1: KPKPK, R2: PKPKP…rep those two rows.


For Seed St, you need to knit the purls and purl the knits as they face you, so KPKPK every row.

Moss St is 2 rows high but should really be 2 st wide also, so

although you can do a Moss St as KPKP for 2 rows and then a PKPK for 2 rows - this will make your st pattern look a little longer rather than squarish as the 4 rows of 2 st looks.

okay thanks
I’m going to try again.
It definately calls for seed stitch, but it shounds like thier description of K, P across row 1 and P, K across row 2 is wrong?
I will just try to go by knitting the purls and purling the knits.

thanks again.

Yes, googoos, i think row 2 is wrong also.
to get 1x1 seed st., worked back & forth, it should be
row 1: k p k p k
row 2: k p k p k

If you were to work it in the round, the pattern is correct, but then there wouldn’t be a 5 st border for the edges.

yep, the pattern definition was wrong - it’s definitely
k, p, k, p, k for every border section. I started over and I’ve worked enough rows to see that it’s right.

thanks everyone!