Stuffed Fish

I knit up a stuffed fish for DD (16 mos old). She LOVES watching fish swim and looking at pictures of fish, so I figured she would love a toy fish as well. I was wrong. She wants nothing to do with it. Every time I try to give it to her, she just looks at it and throws it down. If I call it a fish, she looks at me like I’m crazy. :rofling: Oh well. At least it was a really quick and easy project so it’s not like a ton of time was wasted. You can see the fish on my blog (i wrote the entry before dd hated the toy)

Very Sweet! Did you design the pattern?

so cute!

:smiley: What a great idea! Sorry she didn’t like it…she is too precious for words :wink:

Awww. Well, I hope your dd changes her mind about it soon. It certainly is cute! (as is your dd!)

thanks for the compliments on the fish (and my dd :D)!
I didn’t design the pattern, I used THIS one, I just knit 2, added some fins, then I sewed them togather and stuffed them.

I think DD might be warming up to the fish. She has started picking it up…well…just to bash her 6 year old brother over the head with it, but still, she’s playing with it now…LMAO

Well I think it’s cute! Do you think if you embroidered on some eyes and other details, it might be more “fishy” to your DD?

Your other projects on your blog are wonderful too! :inlove:


aww thats cute how can she not like it! =D

I love the funny story about your daughter. How cute! My son did the same thing with his pacifier when he reached 8 months. He didn’t want to have anything more to do with it!

Such a cute fish toy! Hey, do you have a cat? I think a cat would LOVE it!