Stuffed Elmo Pattern or Elmo Hat pattern

Does it exist? I am hoping to find a pattern for a stuffed Elmo or an Elmo hat. My little boy LOVES Elmo and I really want to make these for him.
The only purchasable Elmo’s I have found are too hard for an infant to play with.
I am hoping there is already a pattern so I can knit quickly, rather than designing it!
Thanks for any direction!

I couldn’t find any stuffed animals or hats, but I found these two websites which have Elmo charts on them. Maybe you can incorporate these patterns into a sweater, scarf, or washcloth.

Also, if you’re looking to purchase a nice soft stuffed Elmo, I know that the Gund toy company makes some good Sesame Street dolls which are soft and floppy–some don’t even have plastic eyes but plush ones instead!

Good luck!

Have a Mary Maxim (No. 8325) knitting pattern for an Elmo sweater, touque and mitts (size 4 - 8) if this is what you are looking for. Will watch for your response.

I did find a hat of elmo to knit. Its shown in blue for cookie monster, but you could use red for elmo.

I think I might make one for my youngest sister!

i too am new to this… anyhow, i was just on the RAVERLY patterns site. They have a Elmo hat pattern and it’s free. This is a great site…it gives me alot of inspiration

I have an original Elmo hat pattern on

My nieces love the hats! Is this close to what you were looking for?

Heidi, Welcome to Knitting Help! These posts are several years old but thanks for the information. This request may well come up again.

Sorry, I realized the date of the post right after I replied! Maybe it will help someone in the future! :slight_smile:

Here is the full link to an Elmo and Cookie Monster knit hat pattern: