Not sure if photos have uploaded, doing the v neck cardigan and confused to where the shoulder part is on right front as doing the back part.

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure where you are in the pattern. Which part are you working on the Back or the Right Front?

For the Fronts, there is no shoulder shaping, just a cast off when the armhole reaches a given measurement. For the Back there is minimal shoulder shaping, the cast off of 13sts on two rows.

Would you please delete all photos except the one necessary for the question? Posting large portions of a pattern can raise copyright problems.

Sorry won’t do it again, I’ve done the right front as the pattern states (didn’t think there was shoulder shaping), do i knit the back to 2 rows less then front so when I shape shoulders they will be same length?

You can knit the armhole to the same length as the front armhole. Then start the bInd off for the back. Two rows more or less are 't going to make a big difference anyway but the directions are to start the bind off in each case when the armholes are a given length.

Thank you for your advice, I was going to do the same amount of rows as front armhole then cast off.


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