Stuck with bootie pattern

I am stuck with my bootie pattern. I currently have 29 stitches on my needles and the pattern says:
K18, turn
Next row - K9, turn.
Knit 12 rows garter st on these 9 stitches.

Does this mean I knit 18, then put the needle from my right hand into my left hand, knit 9, then swap hands again and then knit 9 and then keep swapping for 12 rows?

Please help!

I’m not sure…do you have a link to the pattern?

I had to remove the scanned copy of the pattern since it’s against copyright laws to post a published pattern here. Sorry.

However, I can answer your question. You knit across the 18 stitches, then turn the work as if you were done with the row. You’ll now be working back and forth on the 9 center stitches for 12 rows.

I’m still not too sure what that means…

Once I have my 29 stiches, do I knit 18 then turn, then knit 9, then turn, then knit 9 and turn another 12 times?

Sorry about publishing the pattern - I didn’t even think about breaking copyright laws!

Not a problem about the pattern–it happens.

Yes, you work the 18, turn as if you finished the row and knit 9, turn the work and knit those 9 again until you’ve knit 12 rows. This longer section will be the top of the foot of the bootie.

thanks for your help - I’ve just finished my first bootie! now for the other foot…