Stuck Starting knitty's BPT

BPT has been on my to knit list for quite awhile, and I finally have had the perfect convergence of stash and pattern and cast on for it. However, i am having a hard time getting past the first increase row.

I thought that a cheat sheet I found on My Knitting Life would help, but her instructions are for size M and I haven’t been able to parse them correctly into the size I want to make, which is XL.

My issue seems to be that the instructions for the second row say to do the increase before the first marker, that there are only 4 markers in the row, but the instructions say to increase 8 stitches in the row. With only 4 markers, I am having trouble visualising where the other 4 increases go.

Would anyone on the forum who has made this sweater be willing to correspond with me privately over e-mail for some knitting “tutoring?” :smiley:

Thank you,
Jessie in NC

I haven’t done this sweater, but I did notice that there ARE eight increases in the row. The tricky part was that the increases are not just before the markers.

Your k1 into st below is your increase, right?

You do this before each marker AND you’ll notice that at the end of the repeat there’s another k1 into st below. So there are two increases in each repeat.