Stuck on sirdar crofter sock pattern

:knitting: hello can anyone tell me what it means to break off yarn and rejoin yarn to instep edge please. I’m following crofter dk sirdar 9135 sock pattern. Knitted flat…I’m beginner of sock making!!:blush:

You should cut the yarn leaving a 4-6 inch tail to weave in later. The instep is the part of the sock that goes over the top of the foot. To rejoin the yarn, again leave a tail to weave in and start knitting with the new yarn. The first few sts will be loose but you can snug them up later.


Hi, I’m making these socks too, stuck on the same ‘Divide for heel’ bit. With the wrong side facing me I have 12 stitches on a first stitch holder (here is stitch 12 with the broken off end), 23 stitches on the middle holder and 12 left on the needle. Where do I rejoin the yarn?? which end of which holder or needle is the instep end? Been confused for days by this - thanks

This sock is knit flat but you’re going to make a tube at this point. You’re going to join the 12sts left on the needle to the 12sts on the first stitch holder.
With the WS facing rejoin the yarn end so that you can purl across the 12sts on the needle then purl across the 12sts on the first stitch holder. Join the 2 sets of 12 sts so that there’s no gap between them. Leave the 23sts on the middle holder to hang out for the moment. You’ll get to them later.


Thank you, I couldn’t picture it in my mind. I’m looking at the right side of work and the needle with the last 12 stitches from the end, is in my right hand and has the point on the left and the end block on the right, so I should I have put it on a double ended needle or have I gone wrong some where.:thinking:

sorry, was looking at the right side and stitch 1 has the broken end, why do I need to break the wool, I’m sure I’m wrong somewhere :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What happened to your photo? I copied it to draw on it but now it’s gone??
Anyway, according to the pattern you want to start at the red arrow with a purl row. To do that you need to cut the yarn leaving a 6inch tail and re-attach at the red arrow.
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