Stuck on my oregon tote already

I am making my oregon tote, nothing like 3 projects going at once. I use to be the type of person who finished something before starting something new, dont know what happened to me, but I have yarn invading the entire house.
My question is so stupid I am sure, but it is holding me up. The base is done ande the side folds of the bag, I am ready to go up the bag, the directions say slip the first and last stitch of each short side panel, (after the 1st marker, before the second marker, and after the third and before the 4th marker) This creates the side folds of the bag. Continue every other round until the bag measures 16 to 17" high.
It doesnt say SSK, or SSPO just plain old slip. What does that mean? If i dont knit or purl this wont I have a hole? Can some explain this in beginners terms for me please? Thanks

Just slip. Those stitches will get knit every other row and will do exactly as the pattern says it will.

Your kidding Ingrid, that simple? Amazing, I always overthink everything. Just slip it and knit on the following row? Thank you so much. I really like to keep going when i feel the roll going strong. Many thanks.

Ingrid you were so correct. Thank you so much, My bag is coming along nicely and I am enjoying it so much, I think I need to make a lot of these.

I wasn’t correct. The pattern was correct. If you don’t understand the whys and wherefores of a pattern, don’t worry about it. The person who wrote and tested the pattern did.

Ya gotta be like Nike and Just Do It!

I’m glad it’s working out for you.