Stuck on kate wedding dress for barbie

Can not figure out this row. Cast off 7,k2t onsts.1/2 & 8/9,k36 more, k2t, cast off 7,k2t, k2t on last 2sts have 54 sts on needle

Welcome to KH!

Just to confirm, you have 54sts before beginning this row?
What part of the dress is this? Can you give us the exact quote, word for word or post a photo of a a row before this and a row after? Don’t give us any more of the pattern than that please due to designer copyright.

Train & Back Panel thank you for getting back to me.I have done it so many ways but am doing something wrong. Thank you

Thank you for the photo. That’s perfect.
You’ll be decreasing the row by 16sts sts.
The simplest way to work this may be to mark off the center 36sts. You’re to bind off 7sts at the beginning of the row. Knit together sts 1&2, bind off the next sts up to 2sts before the marker. Knit together the last two sts of the bind off which are just before the marker. Knit across the 36sts, k2tog and bind off the remaining sts, knitting the last 2sts together before binding off the final stitch. Pull the yarn through the stitch on the right hand needle to finish.
You should end up with one stitch before the marker, 36 center sts and one stitch after the marker. I’ll give this a try on the needles.

Thank you will give it a go