Stuck on "Edging Row" instructions

I’ve recently started crocheting again and finally decided to finish a sweater that I started 15 years ago. I have the body and sleeves finished and put together, but I just don’t get the “edging row” directions–that’s why I stopped making it.

It says “With right side facing using G hook, attach yarn to lower right front corner, ch 1, keeping work flat and making 3 sc at each neck corner, sc evenly along right front, around neck and left front edge, having same number of sc along each front edge. Fasten off.”

Then you complete the neckband, buttonband, buttonhole band, and ruffle–which I think I understand.

So do I sc along the edge in each row from the lower right corner up and around the neck and end at the left bottom corner? And what about the “making 3 sc at each neck corner?” Is that 3 sc in one stitch?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, I’m determined to finally get this sweater out of the bag and into my closet!

The way I’m reading it, you would sc all along the edges, making 3 sc within 1 sc for the neck corners. That will prevent your collar from puckering or drawing up. HTH. :wink:


Don’t cut your yarn though until you hold up the item and check for ruffling or puckering. It may take a couple tries to get the stitch count correct. The first time I did the edging on the baby sweater I recently did, it was ruffled (too many stitches), so I had to frog it and try again. The first time I did the sleeves they were puckered (too few stitches).