Stuck on Dog Sweater Pattern Instruction...Need Help


I found your site through a friend and have enjoyed reading the posts. Everyone here knows so much!

I started knitting a little less than two years ago through a class, and picked a dog sweater as my first project…very bad idea in hindsight! It was too advanced as it had taken me about three classes just to learn how to cast on and there were only about 5 classes total! Very frustrating. I’ve been practicing, and am now ready to finish the sweater, but am stuck on an instruction.

K2 Sl1, work 1, psso, rib to last 4 sts, K2 tog, K2.

This part is really confusing me… “Sl1 (I think it’s Sl1, but it also looks like S11), work 1 (I looked at the abbreviations list on this site, and “work” isn’t in the list), psso”

Thanks for your help!

First, it wants you to knit two because I don’t think we normally decrease directly on the edge of things. Then sl1 (put the needle into your next stitch like you’re about to knit it, but just transfer the stitch instead), work 1 (knit or purl it as you usually would), and psso (pass the stitch you slipped over the one you just knit and off the needle; you’re binding it off).
For your future reference, “work” isn’t in the abbreviation list because it isn’t an abbreviation. In some patterns, it tells you to “work 5 rows stockinette” or “work 2 inches in ribbing” and it basically means to continue knitting in the way that has been specified. If it doesn’t specify anything directly after the “work” then you continue knitting as you’ve been doing.


Thank you SO MUCH! :cheering:

No problem; I’m here to help. :thumbsup: