Stuck doing this pattern

I’m new to knitting and I’m doing this hoddie pattern for my boy

Now, I’m stuck here:
Work as for Back until Armhole measures 4½ (5, 5, 5½)”,
end with a wrong side row.

Next Row (Right Side):
K17 (19, 20, 22), join second ball of yarn and bind off
center 12 (12, 14, 14) sts, knit to end of row.
Working both sides at same time with separate balls of
yarn, bind off 2 sts from each Neck edge once, then dec 1
st at Neck edge every other row twice – 13 (15, 16, 18) sts
each side.
Work until piece measures same length as Back to
Bind off.

It says the end of the FRONT is the Wrong Side but then it says the Next Row is the Right Side. I really confuse. Also, is says to join second ball of yarn - Working both sides at same time.

Could someone help me out with this please?

Many thanks

Welcome to the forum!
When a pattern says “end with a wrong side row”, it means end having completed a wrong side row. So when you turn, the row you’re about to start will be a right side row.

You can work these shoulders one at a time but sometimes it just easier to work them at the same time with a separate ball of yarn for each.

Knit across the given number of sts for your size and drop strand 1 of the yarn. Join the second strand of yarn and bind off the center 12sts then knit across the remaining sts to the end of row. Turn to the wrong side, purl across to the center gap, drop strand 2, pick up strand 1 and bind off 2sts.
Finish the row, turn and knit across to the gap, drop strand 1, pick up strand 2 and bind off 2sts at the beginning of the row. Finish the row.
You can then purl across both shoulders, turn to the right side knit row and decrease at the neck edge on both shoulders on this row (call it row 1) and on row 3.

Thank you so very much. That makes sense now :smiley: I will try it today :blush: