Stuck again on first knitted jumper

Hello I’ve picked up my knitting again( my first knitted jumper)after a bit of a break, I have now finished the front and back and am stuck on the sleeves
Patterns states;work in st-st for with 3.5 kneedles for 8 rows change to 4mm for 12 rows (completed) increase 1st at each edge of next Ed roe 2sts from edge then every following 12th row 7 times (then tricky bit) at the same time; 3sts at beg of next rows then 2sts at beg of next 4rows then 1st at beg of next 8 rows. This continues, the bit I’m stuck on is do I increase this 2sts in like the first increase row I will try and up load pattern

Please edit your post to remove the second photo. We only need the sleeve instructions. Whole patterns can lead to copyright problems.

Are you making the largest size? The shoulder cap decreases don’t happen until the initial sleeve increases have finished. Start the decreases after the sleeve measure 41cm. Follow the directions for your size and cast off sts starting with the edge stitch, the first stitch in the row.

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Hello I’ve taken off photo not needed hope I’ve done it right. I am making the 10 year old size. I am knitting the sleeves on pattern it states one increase then also another bit for 10yr old just didn’t know if I had to Increase for this as well

There’s the increases on each side of the sleeve, 8 increases total. That’s it for increases. Then the sleeve continues in stockinette until 41cm. I don’t see any more increases there. The next shaping is the shoulder cap bind offs.

Hello Thank you for replying to me I can now see all the increases but do I knit them is 3sts in the first 3 sts of the row or 2sts into the row like the first increase all in one st? Do I just cast off once I’ve finished increasing as the pattern doesn’t state still a bit confused about the last bit that states 3sts at beg of next 2 rows and remaining 18 sts, what 18sts.
I’m sorry I’ve never knitted anything like this before

When you knit the increases every 12th row, make the increase 2sts into the row. So, depending on the kind of increase you use, k2 then increase, knit to the last 2sts, increase and then knit the last 2sts. This is done to give you a nice edge to seam. You can increase one stitch into the row on each side if you prefer.

Once you’ve finished the increases, keep knitting a row and purling a row until you get to 41cm. Don’t cast off until you get to the shoulder cap instructions.

When the pattern gets to the shoulder cap I see mention of 3sts for the first time but in this case you’re binding off 3sts, not increasing. Follow the directions for binding off at the beginning of the next 2 rows and after the last bind offs (3sts at the beg of next 2 rows), you’ll have 18sts left. Looks like you bind those off too.

This is approximately what it should look like knit from bottom to top

Thank you for your very clear instructions I really appreciate it x

Hello I’m sorry but I’m stuck again I have relised the pattern I had prittened and was working from had a section missing all the writing under* at the same time * was not on my printout.I had got to the shoulder boarder realised my mistake and ripped it back. The part I need help with is the striped st st using double pointed kneedles I have no idea how to do that or what it is and when I googled it, it just comes up with stripes. Is this very difficult to do, I would love to finish this jumper but think this may be beyond me.

Two possibilites: my impression is that this is just stripes but you should be able to look at the photo of the pattern and tell for sure. Also, if this is a special stitch pattern, the instructions will define it at the beginning of the pattern.
Can you give us a pattern name or a link to it? We can at least see a photo.

The photo is at the beginning with my first post there is a picture of sts, the jumper is to colours.

And what is the name of the pattern and the book, please?

It is online at and it comes under ‘kangaroo pouch sweeter 16’

Yes, the striped st st is striped stockinette stitch. Working on dpns (double pointed needles) you’ll knit every round for st st. The pattern will tell you how many rows of each color to work. You’ll be working the sleeve increases at the same time as you change colors.

Change colors at the underarm so that any jog that occurs will be less visible. Here’s one method for minimizing jogs as you change color.

And here’s a summary of different methods for different stripes.

Thank you x