Struggling with neckband on childs V neck jumper

I’m struggling with the neckband on a childs (boy) V neck slipover jumper. I have never done this before.
It says Join right shoulder seam. With rs facing, using 4mm needles and M, pick up and knit 36 sts along left side of neck, 1 st from centre front (mark this st. with a coloured thread), 36 sts. along right side of neck and 24 sts. from back of neck 97 sts,

(How can you pick all these sts. up on one needle unless it is a circular needle ?) it then says 1st row, + Purl2,k2 rep from + to marked st, purl marked st.+ k2, p2, rep from + to end.
1st row sets 2x2 rib.
The pattern is 2229 easy knit sweater ans slipover by sirdar.

Hi and welcome!
If your needle isn’t long enough for 97sts then you may have to go to a circular or a longer straight needle. If you need help with the pick up and knit, there is a video herethat shows how-to.
Good luck with the final steps on this very cutepattern.

Thanks I will have another go (4 times already) and let you know if I finish it or get stuck again. i will try circular needles as it was just impossible on straight needles and thought i was doing something wrong. i am fairy new to knitting and its my first serious project :wink:

:knitting: :knitting:

circulars are your friend!!

had to give up with the circular needles they got stuck in my stitches and I had to cut them to get them out.
Realized if i undid a shoulder seam on the jumper i could pick up stitches easily with my straight needles.
oh well its all learning:roflhard: