Stripes on Folded Cuff Socks

Hello! I’m new to the forum. I’ve searched all over the internet to find the answer to this question to no avail.

I’m knitting baby socks (Figheadh Yarnworks pattern 2233) in which the sock cuff (k1p1 rib) gets folded over at the end, essentially making the outside become the inside for that part. I wanted to add stripes for my niece’s pair, but I’m not sure how to carry up the yarn. If I carry it up in the back, it’ll show on the front when I fold it over. Is there a way to carry up the yarn in the front so that it doesn’t show when folded?


Just reverse it so you’re purling at the top so the v part of the stockinette will show. Or you could just make the top solid and continue. The purl bumps will show, but won’t matter.

Welcome! One way or the other, the carried yarn will show. If you know the socks will always be folded over, then you’ve hit on the solution. Carry the yarn up the front so it will be hidden when the sock is folded. You may also want to avoid the dots that show when you change color in the rib pattern purls. Here’s a tutorialabout just that. Hope the socks turn out perfectly!

How do you carry up the front? Thanks for the tutorial. :slight_smile:

Knit the sock carrying the yarn in back. When you get to the point where the sock will be folded either

  1. move the yarns to the front and carry them up the front (same as carrying them in the back) or
  2. turn the sock inside out (pull it through your needles), moving the yarns to what is now the “back” and knit to the end from there. Since it is ribbing it is easy to knit from either side as you will always k the k and p the p.

Carrying up the back means that you’re keeping the unused yarn to the back of you knitted piece and crossing the yarns over on the backside, Instead, bring the unused yarn to the front and cross over the new yarn to change colors on the front side. You can then switch to the carried yarn by bringing it to the back for a knit stitch for example. I think that once you start by leaving the first unused strand in the front, the changes will make sense.