Stripes and Cables Jacket

Here is my latest sweater for Suvi. It’s a Sirdar pattern for a kids cabled jacket (don’t have it with me right now so can’t check the number). I found this great self striping yarn that the colors were just so bright I had to use it for this sweater. could only find 2 skeins of the striping yarn but found the orange that matched and so made the button bands and collar from it. I actually like the solid color with the stripes so the yarn shortage turned out in my favor!

:inlove: Very pretty!!

my goodness that’s gorgeous !

That is really lovely! :heart: Great job matching the color bands.


Oooooohhhh pretty pretty :slight_smile:

I can hardly believe that’s a self-striping yarn! The stripe bands on the sleeves are the same as the body! How’d you do that?


:happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: That is one neat-o sweater. Nice find on the self-striping yarn.

That is just beautiful! Wow, do those colors pop :shock:

Oh yum! This is very beautiful, and the colors give it real punch! Great job!!!

Very pretty, I love that yarn! :slight_smile:

Actually any stripe matching is purely coincidental. I never bother
trying to match stripes with the self patterning yarns. I prefer a bit
of chaos! :slight_smile:

The company that makes this yarn always puts out some special seasonal colors that are limited time only and I really wish they’d
make them more available because they always come up with really
fabulous color combos.

Libbie :slight_smile:

really pretty!!!

Absolutely adorable :inlove:! I think that the solid border is great with the stripes:thumbsup:

Way to go! Very nice sweater. The solid trim is perfect.

Your sweater came out just gorgeous! Can you post the Sidar pattern number and the brand of yarn? I know you said it is seasonal, but maybe I could find it some where or at least know what type of yarn it is.
I have been looking for a pattern like this for a long time for my granddaughter. She used to have a sweater my daughter bought at Target (long before I learned to knit, lol!) and she wore the sweater till she could no longer fit in it! I’d love to surprise her with one that looks like her old one!
Thanks for any help!

That is gorgeous! Great job!! :yay: :inlove:


Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile: The pattern is Sirdar 2230…I just did a google search and it seems available in several webstores so you should be able to find it easily. The yarn is a Finnish brand. It’s Novita 7-Veljesta Raiti. There is a website at but it’s all in Finnish. I’m not in Finland at the moment so can’t check for you but I will find out the exact yarn color number when I get back home and let you know! There may be some Ravelry members with this yarn willing to sell or trade…I forgot to check there when I ran out and had to use the orange to finish up! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!
Libbie :slight_smile:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH:heart: :heart: :heart:

How pretty! I bet she’ll love it!!