Striped slippers?

I am trying to knit these slippers, but am having a hard time understanding how to knit with 2 colours. So, here are my questions that I’m hoping y’all can help me with…!!!

So, I cast on with the light colour for 66 sts., then turn my needles around and knit 6 stitches with the same colour, then add in the darker colour, drop the light colour and knit 6 in the darker colour. Then for the next 6 lighter stitches, do I just reach back and grab the light strand again? I’ve watched Amy’s video for intarsia (hopefully, that’s what these slippers are…) and I think I’m doing it right. After I’ve finished my first row with both colours, if you look at the back, there are long pieces of the yarn, going from where I dropped it to where I picked it up again. I’m guessing that so far I’m alright, but here is where I get really confused.

What the heck do I do when I turn my needles around and not only is that extra strand of yarn back there, but so are the long stretches of yarn???

Is this making sense to anyone (it’s hardly making sense to me and it’s right in front of me :frowning: ) Can anyone PLEASE give me some pointers???


When you are alternating stripes of color, don’t carry the yarn across the back unless the long strands are ok with you. Attach a separate strand of color for each stripe, making sure to hold them as in Amy’s video when you switch back and forth between them so you don’t get holes.

So basically you’ll hold the color you’re stopping over to the left so the new color will come up over it. You’ll see, especially on the purl rows.

It’s hard to figure from most intarsia directions, but each “block” of color that appears, is a separate ball of yarn. So in an intarsia peice, you may have several balls of black yarn, several balls of pink, etc. I hope that makes sense.

I will say this, I have made pieces before where I carry the yarn across to the next place I need it. There really isn’t anything wrong with that, but keep in mind how the piece will be used. It really isn’t popular to do it that way, but I wanted you to know I’ve done it and it’s OKAY. :slight_smile:

But, when I turn my needles around to start with the next row, the colour that I didn’t end with will be 6 stitches in and dangling in the front (when I turn my knitting/needles around). How do I get that back to the back to keep going with the rows?

Also, Ingrid, if I started a new strand of yarn for each colour change (which I THINK is what you suggested), wouldn’t I have a billion little sticky-out pieces, since I’d be starting a new strand every 12 stitches (in each row - 6 st. light colour, 6 st. darker colour)??

You leave the dropped color behind the work, not it front.

You shouldn’t end up with too many pieces, because you carry the yarn for the stripe up vertically, right? So if you have four blue stripes, you have four blue balls of yarn. Each blue ball of yarn goes back and forth within one blue stripe.

I see what you’re saying. Since it’s garter stitch, your yarn is hanging in the front of your work when you turn it. It will be at the end of the needle–not 6 st in. Usually with intarsia, you’d purl the back, which wouldn’t be an issue for the yarn in front–it would need to stay there for purling, right?

What you should do is knit the first six stitches, put the next yarn in back between the needles to prepare to knit, hold the yarn you’ve been using over to the left so that when you bring up the new color it comes up from under the old color.

You’ll have to do this on each row. You’ll only have as many strands hanging off the back as you have stripes.


I have made these slippers, albeit in the checkerboard style. I used only two balls of yarn. I pulled the yarn snug between the colour changes, which reduced the loop at the back, and gave the slipper a more “bumpy” look since it wasn’t flat. Clear as mud?

OMG!! This soooo rings a bell!!

[color=red]FORGET WHAT I SAID BEFORE!!![/color]

Nicole is right!!! You’re supposed to pull that yarn tight across the back to make the bumps. Otherwise it will be nice, flat, stripes.

Thank you to you Nicole–I would have lead her down the wrong path with her floppy stripped flippers.

The only reason I chimed in on this thread is because one of the reasons I first learned to knit was to make these slippers! In fact, I have them listed as one of the beginner patterns on the knitting section of my website because they are so easy, and a great way to learn how to handle two yarns at once.

My grandmother used to churn these out by the boatload when I was young, and I remember how scratchy and slippery they were. She stopped making them when I was about 10 because Phentex had changed the yarn {dunno how, it’s STILL hell on the hands!}. I got tired of my usual easy crochet slipper pattern and wanted to make these ones!

BTW Ingrid… there’s nothing wrong with these slippers knitted “flat”. My ex-MIL used to make them that way out of RHSS… that’s actually how I figured out I could use “real” yarn for them instead of the Phentex sandpaper!

I would think that the lack of bumps would make them too big. Learn something new everyday here! :wink:

It’s quite possible… I’ve always made mine with the number of bumps I need to fit the foot of the person getting them. Hubby gets one more bump than me, my girls {then 7 & 8} got 3 less than me. Seems to me the ones I made for my 3 yo {he was just over 1 at the time} had about 6 bumps around… I should try to find them, I bet they’d fit Lissa now! :thinking:

Another thing I liked about making these as a newbie was that my gauge didn’t really matter as long as it was even. If they didn’t fit the person I made them for, they would fit someone else that I knew!

Dangit… now I wanna make myself a pair {my slippers are ALWAYS missing}… I’ve been complaining about how cold my feet are these days… but I’ve got HOW many projects due by WHEN??? and it’s HOW many more days 'til Christmas? :shock:

Join the club! :roflhard:

Well using my mental checklist… emphasis on the “mental” part! :lol: Here’s what I have/had on my to do list:
*I gave up making two HP scarves that were to be Christmas gifts for friends in the UK {mailing deadline was Nov. 5th!}… one was about half done, the other wasn’t started.
*Have hats, mitts and scarves to make for my 4 kids {at home} that need to be done ASAP… have 4 thumbless mittens, and one stocking hat started.
*Have a kitchen set to make as a housewarming gift for some friends of ours that helped with the post-fire clean-up, party is Saturday afternoon… have 2 dishcloths done, another on needles, and who knows how many more pieces I can get done
*Have to finish crocheted edging and seaming on knitted RH Casual Cot’n top for DHs Christmas party on the 17th
*Have a new thread crochet design on the hook… need to get it done ASAP so that I can read the book I am making it for
*Have at least 4 pairs of camo socks to do for Christmas {1 toddler, 2 child, 1 adult}… adult ones were started today, but will be getting frogged and redone on different needles.
*Want to make surprise Christmas socks for DH and I out of WW or thicker Christmas yarn… gonna use a pattern for regular sock yarn, and just change needle sizes and yarn to make ‘em stocking sized {I haven’t even bought the yarn yet, we didn’t get any “regular” Christmas yarn in at work!}
*Need to cross-stitch kids’ names on their new cross-stitched stockings and hem the upper edge of them.

Dagnabit… when will I ever learn NOT to make these kinds of lists? I don’t think I have any gifts finished now come to think of it. And I still have “for me” things I am in the middle of or want to do!

I didn’t know Canadians celebrated Christmas in August! :roflhard: :roflhard: You might just make it.

Last year was like that for me. I was so stressed out. I wasn’t going to knit anything for anyone this year, but ended up finding things I wanted to knit but was willing to give away.

And throw caution to the wind–read the book without the damned bookmark! :roflhard:

Too bad Canadian Christmas wasn’t on February 29th!!! I would have a chance to at least get the socks done by then. :roflhard:

Last year was like that for me. I was so stressed out.

Last year was a hand-made-less year for me. I wasn’t able to pick up a crochet hook or knitting needle for over 3 months because my CTS was giving me so much trouble. :crying: I felt like I was crippled without my projects. What am I talking about??? I was crippled without it.

And throw caution to the wind–read the book without the damned bookmark! :roflhard:

Actually, it’s a bookcover {it will have an attached bookmark though}… and a pretty cool looking one at that I must say! :smiley: Well so far anyway! The reason I can’t read the book without the cover is because I won’t finish the cover if I read it first!!! Considering I’ve wanted this book for over 2 years now, I figure that’s the incentive I’ll need to actually finish it. Besides, I need the pattern for my website. A labour of love… emphasis on the labour part with the stitch pattern I decided to use! :doh:

I think we’re all a bit nuts! :wink: