Striped cardigan - carrying yarn up the side

HI, All,
I thought I knew how to do this but maybe I’ve done something wrong.

I’m knitting a cardigan in a 3-color stripe from the Lion Brand site. I’ve been carrying the unused yarn up the right side of the piece. This worked fine for the back but I’ve finished the right front and I realize I have the carried yarn on the side where the band is picked up. On the left front, the unused yarn will be at the other side. I’m wondering if my band is going to look different and not nice!

Can any of you tell me if I’ve done something wrong or if this is just the way it’s supposed to be? Will it look bad?


It is sometimes difficult to get the same tension on wrapped vs unwrapped edge. If you did a consistent wrap, and with enough slack so it doesn’t pull, the edge should just be a bit thicker. Once picked up those sts will be hidden on the WS so hopefully no impact on the actual fronts.

Not sure that helped…


So it sounds like I did the right thing and it’s only a problem if my tension was not consistent? I think it was consistent enough for the back but it might not be for the front.

I find I have to do an extra wrap around my ndl at the color-change edge to give me the right amt of slack. Otherwise, just seems I can’t get enough stretch in the wrapped edge.

Are you actually picking up for the band or making it separate and attaching it? The front band is usually tensioned somewhat to prevent sag/stretch so ultimately you may not notice a big diff. If you’re seeing a huge disparity between the two, however, you might find the two fronts end up diff lengths. Over time, the unwrapped would eventually grow while the wrapped most likely wouldn’t.

Hopefully others who have more experience with color work will offer insights.


I am actually picking up the band. I hope you are right that it won’t make a difference. After all this work if one side grows, I will be very sad!