Strip knitting

When I was at walmart the other day I saw kits using material cut in strips for knitting a hat or purse. Has anyone seen a pattern online for doing this? I can’t afford the kits, but I have tons of material.

WOW! What a great idea! :happydance:

I imagine the fabric strips would look sort of like ribbon yarn, with varying widths (and of course funky colors!) My only question is how to cut one continuous strip of “yarn”, versus many smaller strips? :thinking:

Has anyone else tried this and/or have pictures of the results?

I didn’t take time to read the article, but skimming over it, I think this describes how to do it, sans a storebought kit.

I’ve crocheted with fabric cut into strips before. I’m guessing that knitting wouldn’t be that different. Stick with lightweight fabrics for smoother stitches.

Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for.

You’re welcome! :smiley:

One tip: You get more “strip” out of a yard of fabric by cutting it on the bias, but you can cut it along the grain in either direction as well. I have directions here somewhere on cutting a continuous bias strip that I got for free from JoAnn’s. You can probably find directions online.

One more tip: You can sew, glue, or tie the strips together, depending on the look you want. If you cut strips the short way, you could tie them and have your piece be a rustic look.

And Again: I have directions for a project that says that 1/2" strips of lightweight cotton done on a #10 needle approximate the gauge of worsted weight yarn. Have fun! :heart:

Thanks! I am hoping it will be fun and easy.

Wait, I remember seeing someplace how to join strips of fabric.
Picture the end of the strip that’s almost used up, and the new strip you want to attach. You cut a small slit in the old strip (like a buttonhole, keeping the very end intact). Thread the new strip through that hole. Cut another slit in the end of the newly-threaded strip, then pass opposite end of new strip through that slit, pull tight.

Sounds like an adult party game! :devil:

Finally, someone picked up on this… I didn’t want to say it right away, but I was most intrigued when I saw the title.

What took you so long Kelly?

duh! of COURSE you were!!! :rollseyes:

I was trying to be good :blush: but I couldn’t hold it in any longer!!! :twisted:

It got attention quickly didn’t it? Actually I didn’t realize what it sounded like until I came back to look at replies. :angelgrin:

yea kelly thats how i read the topic too…and said hmm this looks interesting…ahh well the topic is still interesting anyways :slight_smile:

Ive knit with strips before, just be prepared to spend soem time hiding the knots if u dont want them, and for some fabrics to fray.

I tried knitting with strips from silk shirts from a thrift store with very good results (though personally ill stick to shreddign the shirts instead and combinging it with wool and spinning its first…). interweave knits (last issue?) also had some ideas on fabric strip knitting and recyclign yarns.

Here’s a great illustration on making the fabric strips, from Rennagayle’s link. has a few threads where people have done strip crochet, using strips from plastic bags. Here’s one. Here’s another. Wild, huh?


well heck. this is an old topic but just last week I sat down on the floor of my bedroom and cut up a bunch of old sweat pants & sweat shirts and started knitting them into a rag rug. So far, it looks fantastic which is hard to believe.

Size 15 needle. Takes a LOT OF EFFORT if you know what I mean.

Why buy strips from Walmart when you probably have lots of old clothes you can’t stand around?

It’s fun and funny. I think I’ll like this little rug.

Can’t wait to see it, Vic!!!

Thanks Kelly! I’m taking my time on that thing coz it’s like wrestling with an alligator, you need a lot of manpower to do the strips tight on a size 15 so I only do a few rows in the morning.

Btw, I really really love that beautiful scarf thingy you made. Very intricate looking piece of work. Congrats!

{I tried knitting with strips from silk shirts from a thrift store with very good results (though personally ill stick to shredding the shirts instead and combining it with wool and spinning its first…).]

Midnightsky… how do you do that… shred the silk shirts?
Sounds very intriguing. I’m going to learn to spin this summer and so maybe I could do that. You have some very beautiful yarns!