String /mesh shopping bag patterns?

I’m looking for a string shopping bag pattern to use for grocery shopping or just general shopping. I think I’d like it to have two handles on either side, or one sturdier one, on the short side. I don’t want a really long handle-then again, surely that would be easy to adjust.

Anyone know of any? I’ve searched but I can’t seem to find one. Thanks!!

Here is my favorite:

She did it using recycled plastic shopping bags, but I made it using Sugar and Cream (and I made it smaller too.). Check out this post on my blog for mine:

(Scroll all the way to the bottom.)

Good luck. I love mine!! scroll down to the middle

knit picks use to have a farmers market bag on their site but I don’t see it anymore-- that is a cool pattern as well

Thank you both so much!! I think I’ll try one of each to see which one I like best :mrgreen:

Thanks again!

Classic Elite also has a pretty lace Market Bag Pattern here:

you could probably also adapt this pattern from KnitPicks:’s+Summer+Bag+Large_PD50564221.html

and Knitting Pattern Central has a section on “Bags, Totes, and Purses” that might be helpful:

the “Saturday Market Bag” from Magknits is listed there.

I used this pattern. The bag is already done and seamed together. I need to sit down and figure out the applied I-cord now, so that I can use it!

Thanks, Katrina and dawnk! I printed off Elisa’s nest tote-that is really cute! I like the lacy Market Bag too.

Now I have so many to choose from! :mrgreen:

not sure if these have been listed already or not–

There is also:
This one has 2 versions small and large. They are very pretty but don’t look like a easy quick knit.
This one is nice. And it would be easy to add knitted handles instead of ribbon ones.
This is similar to the everlasting but the mesh is a little different and not as fine.

Thanks Sherri and Marilyn! I hope to make a bunch of these and give extra ones as gifts. These are some great patterns! I especially like the ones in the round-less finishing :teehee: