Stretchy bind off?

I’m knitting a shoulder-down sleeve on a child’s sweater and would like a bind off that will stretch with the rest of the fabric. Does such a thing exist?


I recommend the “JSSBO” Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off (yes, she actually calls it like this).

Here is a video showing this technique:

it does work, it is stretchy and if it would be too stretchy for you, you could always do it alternating regular and jssbo stitch by stitch.

I like what is often called EZ’s sewn bind off for a cuff. EZ for Elizabeth Zimmermann. You can make it tight if you try, but if you keep it neat, but not tight it works well and you can do it even looser if you want.

Here’s how. Thread a big blunt sewing needle, *go purlwise through the first two stitches, then knitwise back through the first one and ease it off the end of the needle. Repeat from *. Each stitch ends up being gone through 2 times. This looks good on ribbing or whatever I’ve tried it on.

Warning: It is undoable, but it is a slow process involving several steps.

If you are working in the round for your sleeve, when I get to the end and only have one stitch I go purlwise through that stitch and through the first bond off stitch in the round, then back knitwise through the one on the needle. Looks good.

That is a neat way, too. I have seen it in instructions and videos but not done it yet, so I did not know that it would be stretchy (I assumed it would be rather tight). I will have to try that soon.

It is kind of like kitchener stitch just without the second needle and stitches :slight_smile: