Stretchy bind-off in the round

I’m relatively new to knitting in the round, and decided to try making a neck warmer type thing. Just a straight tube really. I assumed just doing a basic bind off would work out. But when I did, that edge had about zero stretch to it, and made the thing pretty useless. I slowly backtracked to the point where I’m ready to bind off again… but how do I do it and maintain the elasticity of the piece? I did the whole thing just straight knitting every stitch(no purling) and the only information I’ve been able to find on this has been for ribbed pieces.
Closest bet so far has been this video, which not only is for a ribbed piece, seems over complicated.
Can anybody suggest a good binding-off method that will keep the elasticity in this situation?

I think Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bindoff is the best stretchy bind off.

This article has info on how to do this (and several other bind off techniques.) You’ll just need to scroll down the page.

Perfect, that’s exactly what I was looking for. And it was very quick and easy. Thank you.