Stretchy Baby Hats for NC Hospital

Hello, my friends! :hug:

As you know, I recently took several of our Oddball Preemie Baby Blankets to a hospital in my area. While I was there, I asked if they need any other knitted items.

One of the nurses said they needed stretchy, full-term baby hats. She said that most of the hats they receive are too small for the babies. I told her that we would be happy to make some hats for their nursery. So, she gave me a hat to use as a sample.

I counted the stitches, and laid it out to measure. Then made this pattern: (click title for pattern)
[U]Stretchy Ribbed Newborn Hat - In the Round[/U]

My hat turned out exactly the same size.

I used Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes for my hat, so it would have pretty stripes. But, any soft, DK yarn should work just fine.

I have LOTS of that yarn in my stash, so I’m looking forward to making pretty, colorful hats. :slight_smile: I really like that yarn, because it feels like I’m knitting with candy! :heart: :heart:

If you would like to make some baby hats, using my pattern, help yourself. If you want to donate some to my hospital, let me know. :hug:

Hi Sandi…will this work the same with a 16" circular needle? I’m not into the dpn’s yet…:slight_smile:

I would love to make some for your hospital. I have a lot of the Bernat baby coordinates left over from projects. What a perfet way to use it up. I am now inspired to get the housework done so I can relax and knit up some baby hats Thanks!

You could do the FIRST part with a circular needle, but then you’d need to switch to dpns when it’s time to decrease. The top of the hat would be too small for your circular. (Or, you could do magic loop with a long circular for that part.)

Yay! Thanks for helping! :hug:
Let me know when you are ready to send it, and I’ll give you the details.

Is sport weight the same as DK weight? My brain isn’t functioning well this morning. Regardless, I’ll be making some to send to you for your hospital!

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Thanks Misha! :muah:
Sportweight is VERY close to DK…just a tiny bit thinner. I think it should work very well. After all, the finished hat is very stretchy, and babies come in all sizes. :thumbsup:

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Awesome!! :cheering: I’ll probably go up a needle size, since I tend to knit on the tight side. Thanks!

I’m a tight knitter too. :hug:

Heh. Then I’ll stick to the suggested needle size. :teehee:

Thanks, Sandy – that looks like one of the hats that DS got at the hospital when he was born and it was one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try your pattern! :yay:

Thanks! Have fun knitting little baby hats. :hug:

Today, I received three beautiful baby hats from cricket22! cloud9

She used my pattern, and her hats came out the same size as mine. Yay!

Here, you can see her hats, with the one from the hospital, and the first hat I made:

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I just made a blog for our project.
More photos and blogging to come! :slight_smile:

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Yesterday, I delivered 9 of our baby hats to the hospital in my area. They were very pleased to receive them! :hug:

little tip for eliminating the “ladder” that shows up on dpns when doing ribbing… set it so that each needle ends and begins with a K1.

and yes Shandeh, I’ll work on some hats while working on my yule gifts.

oh, and boy colors are a huge bonus. one of the women on my parenting board is an air force wife… one of the guys in her dh’s squad came in to show pics of his newborn son (2 weeks early) and was appologizing for the pink on the baby’s hat… they didn’t have any others that would fit him (she’s a knitter and is remedying that situation)

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Thanks Phoenix! :hug: