Stretching felted slippers?

I made my son and husband felted slippers from the Fiber Trends pattern. I threw them in the washer and got called away by my sons (2 and 5months). One thing led to another and I didn’t think about the slippers until everyone was in bed. My son’s are just about perfect. My husbands are a tad small…okay, they fit me…I don’t need slippers and I cannot afford another 4 hanks of 220 to make him another pair. If I wet the slippers and stretch them will I do them any harm?

I’ve tried stretching felted stuff before and didn’t have much luck. However, what do you have to lose? They obviously don’t fit the intended recipient, and you don’t need them, so I say give it a whirl (or rather, a wetting) and stretch away.

You can try a soak with some hair conditioner in the water, then stretch them out a little to dry. That works for slightly felted things to unfelt them, it may help loosen these up a little.

If they are very felted they may not stretch much, but it’s certainly worth a try. Maybe after soaking them a shoe stretcher would work?

That’s what I was thinking. But I haven’t seen shoe trees in YEARS. I guess they still sell them in “finer” shoe stores… or at least they should be able to tell you where to find some.

I’ve found that felted stuff will stretch to some degree, but it can take a while. Tell hubby to put them on, wear them out in the snow and then leave them on until they dry. :wink: They’ll be custom fit!

Thank you for this post! The conditioner helped and I used a pair of my hubby’s sandles and stuffed them in to stretch out my son’s slippers. Thanks again!