Stretched Cast Off?!


I’m having trouble with my binding off stretching out my work. I thought I was working too tightly so I loosened it, and it is still stretched out.

Any suggestions?



Undo it and knit it tighter? Most bindoffs are generally not so stretchy except sometimes in ribbing, so just redo it. If that’s not tight enough, go down a needle size.

I had thought the problem was binding too tightly and stretching the thing, but I just FO a scarf and did try your suggestion of working tighter instead of looser and it did work, thank you!


the short answer is:

there is no short answer!

read this blog (techknitter) and learn -(the link is to december entry… there are about 4 or 5 post in december about edge stitches and why they stretch, and what to do about it…