Strawberry pattern help please

I’m interested in making a strawberry hat with the strawberry in the picture but I’m not sure how to make the strawberries. It seems like bobble stitches/popcorn knit but I can’t work out what the stem would be. Thank you image

That’s a very clever embellishment to a hat.
The berry does seem to be bobbles or popcorn stitch as you thought.
There are similar patterns that show the continuation of sts into the leaves.

They may not be the same size or gauge and one at least is crochet, but perhaps they can give you a start on different ways to make the leaves.


Thank you!

I agree that it looks to be crocheted. The stem and leaves could also be crocheted, but could easily be embroidered.
I hope this is helpful.


The stem could be I-cord; either the leaves could be done as separate pieces, then joined together at the base by a row of knitting, before starting the cord, or the cord could be done, then the leaves finished off one by one.