Strap for a shoulder bag

I’m making a felted shoulder bag. I’m at the point where I’m starting the straps. ( These straps are connected directly to the body of the bag).
I have 7 stitches on my double pointed needle.

The directions say: " K4, yarn forward, slip 3 purlwise. After you have knit a few inches, you will find you have 1 center garter stitch with a 3 st I-cord on either side."

I followed the directions. I knitted about 3 inches. It looks like a garbled mess. I did a booga bag with the 5 stitch I-cord, and it worked beautifully. When I slipped the last 3 stitches purlwise, my yarn is in the front of the needle. I wrap the yarn around back, slide the work to the other side of the dpn without turning, and k4, yf, slip 3 purlwise. It seems that the only stithes that I ever knit is the first 4, and the slipped purlwise gets wrapped around to the back. to where I start knitting those first 4 stitches again. Is this right, or What am I doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It’s not like a standard icord where you slide the stitches to the other side of the needle. Knit the first three, slip the next, then turn the work. The yarn is supposed to strand across the back of those stitches when you knit the first three again. It helps to pull the stitches into a tube.

Hi Ingrid! I just tried doing the strap and turning the knitting… :cheering: :cheering: It worked! Thanks for your help again. I just got back into knitting again after a very hectic summer. I’ve missed it. I made another sweater and it turned out very well. I’m tackling this shoulder bag for my SIL. It was going fine until I came to the straps. Thanks a million for your help. It’s greatly appreciated. :muah:

For what it’s worth, this kind of strap is called a double i-cord. :thumbsup:

Thanks Knitqueen, I’ll jot that down on my pattern. I just did about 4 inches, and I actually have a double I-cord with a garter stitch in the middle! Must be doing it right. Knitting amazes me, that you can do different stitches, and it creates all these different “forms and objects”! :happydance:

It’s like magic, I tell ya, magic!! :zombie: