Strange pattern request


My boyfriend’s brother recently sustained shattered heels from a ladder-incident, and will be in casts and a wheelchair for about 4 months. His mom and I want to knit him oversized socks to go over his casts, but I haven’t the faintest idea on how to go about it (I’ve never even made normal sized socks before). I’ve attached a picture of the temporary casts to give an idea of how big they’ll need to be.

Thanks all!! :knitting:

Crossed Fingers Yikes…looks painful:grphug: Lion Brand Yarn site has alot of 2 needle sock patterns that work up really quick:hug:

Not strange at all! This item is frequently mentioned in the charity knitting section. Here is a pattern for it:


Hope that helps! Sorry about his accident.

You would measure around the widest part of the cast and go for that. Somewhere I saw someone asking about Toe Socks for a similar situation. May have been on the knittyboard…?

eta - or it coulda been right here… prazzie’s link probably covers it.

You could do toe up socks so you could try them on as you go if you needed to.

Another toe cover here. you could just keep going and make this longer to give you a long tube sock (no heal to worry about) that should cover the full cast. pattern says it fits 11 inches comfortably but you could easily add more stitches if it needs to be bigger than that.

I don’t have any suggestions about the socks, but I hope he recovers quickly.


Do you think he would like slippers?


My on was in a cast last year- not quite that big. I just made a long hat that was large and would stretch over the whol thing. I remember thinking I should have made more shape to the heel but what I did worked, stayed on, and kept his toes warm. It was completely worn out when he was done with it.

I think he would! Got a giant slipper idea?

I don’t know if it would work, but you could try making felted slippers but not felting them. Since pre-felted items are usually so much bigger, you could follow the pattern and just leave it big.

That’s what I was going to say! GMTA! :thumbsup:

I’m sorry to hear, I hope he heals speedily.

I made some with chunky yarn for uncle and cousin…
Here’s a pic…a little small on DH since his are a humongous size 13s.

They went super fast in Lion Brand Thick & Chunky and you could opt to do slipper style or go up the leg, you might have to increase a little to fit the cast, which should be no big deal with the help of your KH friends…

Let me know if you want the specifics. I wrote it all down, using basically Silver’s Sock Class as my guide.

These were top down, not toe-up.

What about using a pattern generator? you should get the size you need for sure that way.
toe up socks
other socks types here.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]I woiuld take a plain and simple slipper pattern and just add extra stitches to it.

Here is one I like beacasue you can do just about anything to it. Add more stitches or take more out. Make it fit anyone. Dress it up if you like.

See if you like it.


wow oh wow oh wow! i’m so sorry to hear of his accident.

You are so sweet to want to do this for him, but are you sure he wants them? I think it would be okay as long as he is able to take them off himself if they get too hot or itchy on his toes. Casts themselves can be terribly hot and itchy, and his skin might be more sensitive than it usually is. Make sure you use a super non-itchy yarn. I would go for cotton, silk might be too warm. I would not choose acrylic or wool.

Maybe these christmas stockings would work?

Why not knit a pair of the felted clogs - but don’t felt them. You can always wash and felt them after the casts come off.

That’s a really good point!! Thanks!! :slight_smile: