Strange looking Garter stitch


I’m currently knitting a blanket, and all is going well, I’m onto my 4th ball of yarn, but it seems as though a few of my garter/knit stitches don’t look right all of a sudden (maybe post adding the 4th ball) and while they knit correctly, they don’t look right and are harder to slip the needle in to knit them, rather than a nice “loop” the garter stitch makes it almost seems like a curve. I wondered if it was poor tension but if I try and knit looser it makes no difference.

I’ve attached a picture, any help to fix this would be great as it’s driving me up the wall.


Your knitting looks lovely and even. The last couple of rows are a bit of a puzzler. Twisted stitches will be a little more difficult to slip the needle into and I wonder if that could be it? Knitting into the back of the stitch or wrapping the yarn the wrong way around the needle can do this. It’s probably easier to see with stockinette but you may be able to tell if you look closely at the base of the stitch.


Thanks for the reply.

I’m quite new at this so how would I tell if it’s been twisted?


Here’s a tutorial that shows the twist at the base of a stitch. As I said, it’s a little more difficult to see in garter but you should be able to see the twist when you have the stitch on the left needle ready to knit.
You may also be able to see the way that the stitches are mounted on the needle.


Thanks! I think they’re twisted. No idea how i managed to do that!


Here’s a good way to take out a couple of rows without losing (or twisting)sts. It’s tedious but effective.

Good luck with your basket!