Strange issue (newbie here)

I haven’t attempted knitting in a few years but I’m going to start again but I can’t get past the issue I always had when knitting years ago. I keep thinking about it and just don’t know what I was doing wrong. Please forgive me for not knowing the terms but I’ll attempt to explain it as best as I can.

Ok I know how to cast on (or did know at one point). While I was knitting the yarn that is connected to the right needle that is attached at the bottom of the left needle gets shorter and shorter and eventually stops me from knitting because the needles are so close together. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but it happened every time. I never got very far because of it. So I gave up and haven’t touched my yarn in years. If someone could direct me to a webpage that explains that problem or can help me here that would be great! Thanks!

Under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Getting Started, there’s a video called Demo of a Small Project. Perhaps it would help to take a look at it. It shows a good cast on and first couple of rows. All the individual steps are covered more slowly in other videos but seeing them put together in this video may solve your problem.

I don’t see where the two needles are connected. I wonder where I got that idea from. No wonder I was having issues. I thought the directions I read was to put a slip knot on the right needle and cast on on the left. So that’s how they were connected. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s several ways to cast on, look at the videos for them, and try them out, see what you’d like to use. Happy to have you join us, glad you got things sorted out.