Stranded Knitting or Fair Isle? I'm confused

Hi Everyone

I would like to knit a scarf where the center stitches are a different color than the sides. (So stripes but going the long way). From my reading, sounds like what I would be doing is either stranded knitting or Fair isle? I’m confused about what these are exactly, and how would I carry the yarn across a row??

Thanks again!


Oh, I just think I answered the question myself. Looks like I don’t want to do stranded knitting as the carried yarn with be on the back side. Looks like INTARSIA is the way to go. Does this sound right?

Had I just looked at the instruction video on this great website!!!

You’ve got it: intarsia it is.

Or you could do long-way stripes the easy way
by knitting them horizontally rather than vertically.
Cast on enough stitches for the length of the scarf, not the width.
Then just knit stripes of any width you like.
Downside: each row you knit will be very long.
Upside: you’ll only be knitting a few rows.

Hey, that’s a great idea! However, knitting it the long way will not produce the right stitching in the pattern I have in mind. But it’s a great idea though, and worth doing on another scarf. Thanks!