Straightening curling hat edge

I made a wonderful cloche the other day, and I’m really proud of how it came out. However, the hat brim/edge keeps curling up, so that it resembles a Turk’s Cap more than a cloche. I have tried wet blocking it, and once it dried, it re curled. A cloche needs a nice low brim, like a bucket hat, and I’m not getting it. Can I use a spray starch? It’s plain worsted weight wool, Bernat Satin. Please don’t explain how to prevent this - I do know but I was HOPING that the heavy brim would have prevented this rolling. I need help for a completed project. I would hate to have to toss this hat. Any help, even suggestions/ideas are appreciated. :slight_smile:

the hat image can be found at

I wonder if you could pick up sts and add a non-rolling knit stitch border…or a crochet one…somebody who knows a LOT more than I do will come up with something I’m sure - they NEVER get stumped!! Good luck!

I assume this is stockinette and that’s causing the roll. You can try adding a border as IslandTime suggests or you could add a lining to the brim. Pick up sts along the cast on edge, purl a row on the knit side to turn the edge and then go back to stockinette for the lining. You’d only need an inch or two and then you can cast off and stitch the lining in place like a hem.

Probably picking up sts for an edging or a hem to turn under would be one way to keep it flat. Another way would be to cut a stitch in the cast on, and unravel, cut or an inch or so above, and reknit the edge with a smaller needle or different stitch.

Bernat Satin is acrylic not wool so blocking may not do what you want it to either especially with a cloche. You can take a look at this site on blocking acrylic and see if it helps you if you don’t want to add a border.