Straightening an edge

I’m not sure this is possible and I’m asking out of curiosity.
Can a knitted edge which is naturally not straight (example below, the uneven edge produced by a lace pattern) be worked on to make it straight?
I don’t mean adding more lace but just say stocking stitch.
I’m deciding what to do on the bottom edge here and just wondering if it’s possible or not at all?

I’m finishing the orange off with an icelandic bind off. The grey is still on a provisional cast on and I have a few different ideas what I’d like to do with it but not knowing if it can or will straighten at the bottom edge will effect what I decide to do.



It’s beautiful! When you’re finished, block the project.

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I would suggest short rows to fill in the shape, but it seems like it would be too fiddly in this situation.

Will you be creating the effect of the two rows of purl bumps as on the orange sections?

It’s so pretty!


Thank you.
I have heard of short rows but wouldn’t know where to start with it.
In hindsight I think I should have done a few more rows of the grey before starting the orange and lace panel. I would have preferred the grey a little over long rather than a little short. I was thinking I could put a small grey edge right around, coming from under the orange as though like a lacy under lay peeping out… but I could only do that if the grey panel was longer and straight across. I know how to pick up and knit from behind the orange edge but can’t work out a way to connect smoothly with the grey panel.

Oh well.
I’m looking at some lace edges and bind offs, not sure yet what I’ll do. If I don’t find something I fancy I’ll just bind off the grey with icelandic bind off which gives a nice edge. Yes it’s what’s in the orange but I haven’t got the 3 garter rows before it.

There are things I like about the top but other things I really don’t like but i didn’t know in advance to be able to try to change those bits.

I could still end up frogging the whole thing… I have no idea if it will fit me its so tiny!

Thank you for replying.
Yes I will block. I don’t think that it can pull the grey edge straight though, it’s just the nature of this lace pattern which pulls. I’m not so against it, just kind of wish I’d done it longer so it hung lower than the orange rather then higher.

You can probably pick up stitches on the grey and add something. I understand your feelings.


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Ooh, I do hope it will fit you. I have a friend who likes handknits and is a smaller size than me. She is a happy recipient of things that are too small for me!

Could you add some sewn-in side panels? I added panels to a cardigan I made for my dad that was too small and it worked pretty well.

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If the grey panel is on waste yarn from a provisional cast on, why not pull out the provisional and knit a couple of rows down to even out the edge? With blocking, the edge should even out.

It’s such a pretty top that it would be nice to fix this detail.


Would it straighten up with extra rows?
I thought it would continue to pull up in the centre due to the lace pattern pulling it up.
I do have it on a provisional, the few rows before the cast on edge are mostly knit but with some purls to define the leaf stem, they will all be half a stitch out of line if I don’t change the pattern some how when adding rows. I was thinking maybe k2tog or p2tog might help in some way to make the stitches look more aligned when knitting onto those live stitches, but I’m not sure.
The grey has the exact same numbermof rows as the orange (just without the bind off) but does look quite a bit shorter.

Now that I look back at the pattern and all those on ravelry they all do this so I should have planned ahead better and made those extra rows at themstart.
Always learning.

I made side panels for another top which I then didn’t need. But you are right it could be an option. I have some wiredly placed increases in this though, which I’m hoping won’t be noticeable when I seam up, but could make panels tricky.

That piece is simply lovely; whatever you end up doing with it, it is something to be admired, if not actually worn!

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That’s really kind, thank you.
I think i was lucky with the colour combo.

Well, I’m back with an update.

It does fit!!
I am quite amazed. The stretchy lace panel helps, it’s actually a great fit for a little summer top on a hot day.
But… there are aspects I just don’t like so I am not likely to wear it much, if at all.

Swatches are so useful, I have worked about 100 different options on a swatch just trying to find a suitable way to end this grey panel. I didn’t succeed, I can’t find anything I’m happy with, but now that I know i won’t be wearing this much I am less bothered by how it’s finished so I’ll just throw a few rows on to it and bind off.

It all adds to the learning. I love the two leaf lace and I like how the colours worked but I hate the straps. The leaf pattern has a strange wide shape on the shoulder which I find horrible.

I certainly learned lots though.

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