Straighten circular needles?

How do you straighten out circular needles… I’ve tried warm water, a hair dryer (disaster):knitting: … Just about the time I get the project complete, the cable relaxes. sure would be nice to start out that way.

Take the circular and drape it over some thing so it will hang down, put weights of some kind on the needle tips and leave overnight. It should straighten the cable that way.

I didnt use warm water, I used water from the kettle. Just pour the boiled water into a large bowl, leave it a minute or so if youre worried then dip the whole plastic part in for a minute. Pull it out and let it hang straight, if the first dip doesnt work try again.

Unfortunately that is sometimes a problem and the solutions offered work temporarily. You can also try hanging them from something like this so they are uncoiled to start with.

If you get too frustrated you can do what many of us have done and buy a set of interchangeable circular needles where the cord has no memory so that isn’t a problem. They have a sample set here which is nice to give the different ones a try. There are several threads on interchangeables you can search.

You need hot water, not warm. Boiling, but take it off the stove, then hold the cord in it for a minute or so, don’t just dip it in. Then as it cools, hold the needles straight without pulling on them. It may take a couple times, they may not straighten completely, but that should get the worst of the kinking out of them so you can use them easier.

IMHO you get what you pay for… the cheap needles just will not stay relaxed no matter how much you heat them… Just the nature of the beast I’m afraid. When 1st using circs I started out with the cheap needles and just about gave up on using them, then I read more forums and reviews of needles and purchased a better set. Now no more frustration!

That’s not really true, Clovers are more expensive than Boyes but they’re stiffer and harder to get straight.

I just tried the boiling water to straighten out my circular needles and it worked great! Will keep using this trick with my needles from now on!!!:woot: