Straight needles vs. in the round

i am just getting back to knitting… i havent knitted for many years, been doing mostly crochet. what type of needles do you prefer straight or in the round? why?


I suspect most peoeple will say they prefer cable needles…

  1. They are easier on the wrists as the needles (stiff part) is shorter.
  2. They allow you to do wide/larger projects, whereas straight needles limit the width of your project.
  3. Cable needles can be used to knit BOTH flat and round/tubular objects.

I have been knitting for years and until very recently only on straight needles. I am a very tight knitter and was getting sore hands. I decided to try circular needles. I like them much better as it seems to help with my tight tension and my hands don’t hurt! I like the interchangeable ones with the different cord lengths. I invested in a set and don’t regret it.


I don’t even own a set of straight needles anymore. With circulars you can knit flat or in the round whereas with straights you can really only knit flat except for a few special techniques.

Circulars can knit much longer things like a whole sweater or afghan where it would be very hard to do with straights without making it in strips or parts so you have to seam.

They can also be much easier on the hands. I own a few sets of interchangeables as well as extra needles and cables. I like using magic loop for small circular items like hats so I also have a lot of lo g cables.

Circs. for the reasons mentioned above. Plus: An interchangeable set is easier to store when not in use.

I prefer circs as well. :slight_smile:

Circs here, too. So versatile and the cable helps distribute the weight of whatever you’re knitting.

Plus you can’t leave one home. Or lose it in the couch.

i never, ever use straits anymore unless I really have to which is next to never

thank you so much for the comments and advise. i bought a boyd circular needle, as it was on clearance :slight_smile: this is not interchangeable. the cable quite stiff and sometimes gets in the way. are the cables on the interchangeable sets more flexible? if you have an interchangeable set, what brand do you prefer?

thanks again for your kind help,

It really relies on who you get them from personally I like knitpicks the best but then again i’ve only ever had them and boyd circs… I hate boyd circs

Boye cables including the interchangeables are known to be hard to work with. They aren’t bad for flat knitting, but almost impossible for some circular knitting like magic loop.

Knitting Help sells Knitter’s Pride sets that are great and the cables are flexible. They also sell Denise, but I’d recommend the Knitters Pride over them. I suggest getting the Comby sampler which gives you the 3 different types then you can choose which needle type you like best. My personal choice would be The Nova metal or Dreamz wood. Since you are new to circs though the sampler is a good idea. :thumbsup: The tab labeled Shop at the top of this page is where you’ll find them.

Here’s a video for Magic Loop knitting that shows what the cable from Knitpicks was like, maybe still is though I’ve heard it’s changed. I have the Sunstrucks from KnitPicks and Novas from WEBS and the only difference in the cables is the color. Recently someone posted here that the KnitPicks cable wasn’t as flexible as it had been, I can’t say if it was a fluke or they’ve really changed them. Boye cables that I’ve used are horrid.

I prefer DPNs over magic loop currently. For big things in the round, circulars. I also like straights for some things.

xD personally i love magic loop but then again I’ve never had dpns so I don’t know what i truly would prefer

I’m considering 2 @ a time socks on one long circ so…I’ll have to embrace the ML for that. :slight_smile:

Also, I deeply love Denise.

Knitpicks are pretty good to

Ever since I discovered Circular needles, that’s all I use.

thank you all so much. i ordered knitters pride sample kit. i cant wait to them. i will let you know what i think.

what are DPNs?

happy knitting!!!

DPNs are double pointed needles. They can also be used for knitting in the round, but they are best for smaller things.

Yah! :thumbsup: I’m sure you’ll like them!

i received my KP comby sample set.:yay: