Straight needles instead of circs

Hi everyone. I was wondering how to knit a flat, round piece on regular/straight needles instead of DPNs or circular needles. I would like to make due with what I have on hand and I only have the straights/regulars. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to start/work this out? Thanks


You could knit it back and forth and seam it up when you’re done, but you can’t make a tube with two straight needles.

You can’t knit in the round with straight needles as far as I know so you’ll have to knit flat and then seam.

What are you making?

I have a book on how to alter T-shirts and one of the things is to cut shirts into strips and crochet them together to form a round rug and I was hoping I could do this on straight needles as I dont know how to crochet very well yet. I totally appreciate the quick replies. This is a very cool forum.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Crochet works as a single st at a time. So one can crochet, one st at a time around and around and around with only one st on the hook.

Knitting works by having all of the sts in the circumference of the circle on either a series of DPNs or on a circular needle…two needles connected with a wire or cable.

In order to knit in the round, one must use either a circular needle or DPNs. It just can’t be done using two or more straight needles.

Now, with that said, using short rows, you can knit in sections such as this wash cloth to make a round finished project. It still must be seamed between section one and the last section when all five or six sections are completed.

Another round pattern with short rows.


Yes you can. Can’t you? Google ‘double knitting’.

Double knitting works for a scarf, or a bag, but not for a piece like a round rug. You could still take the T shirt strips, knittingwitch, and knit a square or rectangular rug.

Doesn’t double knitting make a tubular piece rather than flat?

Yes, it’s a tube, that’s why it can be used to make a scarf or bag.

Oh I see, circular but flat. Could be done, technically, with tons of increases, but double knitting looks awkward/too fussy and the way I’m thinking of, if it worked at all, would definitely not be worth the bother.

If you don’t want to spend more money, remember that circular needles can be used in place of straights, so if you bought circs, you would not be buying items that would only be used rarely.

Another possibility is knitting a long strip and sewing it into a spiral? You would be much better off with that if you learned how to knit backwards - from right needle to left needle - so you wouldn’t have to turn every 4 stitches or whatever.

There’s a pattern for a similar rug in Mason-Dixon which is a circular rug made of pot holder loops. One of the modifications they suggest is to use strips of t-shirts. My Aunt has started on the project and it requires very large needles, but they’re just straights.

You could also braid your t-shirt strips and sew them together in a flat circle. In my experience, flat circles (of any size) are easier to do with crochet than with knitting, but the braid-and-sew option is a good method, too.