Straight needle to circular question

my grandma is knitting a sweater how does she change the instructions etc. she only has 1 good hand . difficult for her to do straight needle how does she tweak the directions so she can circular knit the sweater


It kind of depends on the pattern. Is it a cardigan or pullover? Is she wanting to convert a pattern from knitting flat and seaming to knitting in the round?

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and give a link?

i see a ton of views not man responses. what should i search for? thanks yall

This is going to be difficult to work in the round because it’s knit side-to-side. The pattern starts at the bottom of one of the charts and works across one shoulder, neck shaping and then the second shoulder.

Even if you ignore the written directions and turn the chart 90 degrees, it’s intarsia. In order to work that in the round you’d need to do short rows. I’m not sure that will even work with the multiple color changes.

The difficulty with intarsia in the round makes it hard to find a comparable pattern worked bottom to top rather than sideways.

thanks guys

I saw your link, but didn’t have time to sign up for Lion Brand and answer. When a question is difficult to find an answer for as Salmonmac stated you often get views without answers because people can’t help. I’m glad Salmonmac was able to respond. Sorry we can’t help. Maybe she can find an easier pattern?