Straight Knitting Needles

I swapped to circular needles ages ago and now use them for everything. I find knitting big items easier as the weight is mostly on the wire. Anyway, I have a very large collection of metal knitting needles, all sorts of sizes and lengths. In UK at the moment they are quite expensive to buy and I wondered whether members had any suggestions about how I could pass them on. Thank you.

Like yourself, I have 3 or 4 full sets of straight needles which I hardly ever use anymore. I have managed to pass on a few duplicates and all the plastic ones between my grandchildren but I have a bamboo set, a knit pro zings set and all the aero needles I inherited from my mother to find a home for. I’m hoping one of the grands will eventually take it up as a hobby, although it’s not looking likely at the moment. I understand some charity shops refuse to take them, probably inundated as they’re not easy to move along. I did try selling on preloved and market place, but had no responses. I suppose I should try it again, it sometimes takes quite a few attempts before that one person finds your ad lol. My two local(ish) yarn shops have now closed, but if you have one near you they will often let you put a for sale card in their window or on a board in the shop for a pound or two.
I’ll watch your replies, for any other ideas, with interest.
Good luck.

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I’d be happy to give them to someone who could use them. Will keep you posted.

Most areas in the UK have a “freecycle” group where you offer things for free and a local person from your community comes to collect so it costs nothing. The groups are free to join too. Only thing is your time as it may not be that a single person wants a lot of needles so you may have multiple appointments to collect.

You can call/email the local schools in your area and see if the have, or are interested in starting, a knitting club. Schools have had such funding cuts that often after school or lunch time clubs don’t run be ause of lack of resources or money for resources. There may be a teacher or TA willing to run a club but they just don’t have the needles.
Similarly if there are local brownies, guides, scouts or youth groups they may be happy to take them off your hands.

You can send them to me!! especially if you have a small gauge, i recently snapped several of mine all in the same week! Happy to make a bank transfer to cover postage or make a money donation to a charity of your choice in return.


My textile guild has a cupboard with various items in it that members can borrow or take and keep. If you want to give them away, that could be an option.

The guild also has a big sale annually of donated items.