Straight knitting needles

Does anyone knows a special website to buy straight needles? I’m not fan of circular needles so I would like 120" or more straight needles size 13 USA or bigger. Any feedback greatly appreciated

Lion Brand has size 13 straight needles.
So does Amazon

Do you really want a length of 120 inches?

I have size 13 length 90 inches so I wanted extra long

120" s like 10 ft long isn’t it? They don’t make needles that long and they’d be impossible to use. I’m What are you making that requires these? I’m wondering if you mean centimeters or another measurement?

What’s bigger than 90" maybe I’m not sure what number comes after that. I’m
making a blanket and I use 146 stixhes so hard to keep all in such a short
needle that’s why. If you want I can try and send a picture so you
understand what I’m really talking lol

I think the photo of the needles you have including a ruler or yardstick would help. Use the little up arrow icon in the reply box to upload the photo.
Circular needles really are the go-to tool for knitting large numbers of sts. They give the sts room and also distribute the weight of large projects like afghans.

I found out that the quality of circulars makes a huge difference. I have a project where I am using Addi, Bates and HiyaHiya circular needles. While the Bates are the cheapest, the stitches don’t slip off as well and they are a joy to use. I purchased these because I needed another pair of #6. There is a design flaw where the needle joins the plastic string. The size difference in the two components is too large for me.
I started on circulars with Addi. These needs are fast and a bit slippery for me. I used them when knitting long rows where I don’t have to count much. They are fast and you can make quick progress with them.
Recently, I purchased the HiyaHiya brand of circular needles. I really love them because they are not as slippery as Addis and the connection between the needle and plastic string is the same as the Addi brand. I find that I drop fewer stitches with HiyaHiya needles than with Addis.
I don’t like circulars with interchangeable points; but that is my preference.
I urge you to keep experimenting with circular needles; using them will make your blanket knitting faster.
Good luck

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Here is a picture of the needle that I’m using :blush:

Okay, that is a US 13 which is 9.0 mm. Needles generally come in lengths like 14", 16 and maybe 18". I don’t think you’ll find one longer than that. Circulars are really the way to go for large projects. Sorry.

Thank you! Any particular website you get the circular needles cheap?

I’ve been using Knitter’s Pride Dreamz which I’m very happy with. Let me look for one that might have that large a needle and I’ll get back to you asap.

You said you had 146 stitches…how many inches across is the project? Trying to figure out what size cable you need.

Thank you so much​:blush::pray:

Denise needles come in larger sizes. If it’s the flexible cable you don’t like about circulars you might like Denise needles. I have Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks needles and love them.

@Eminadea I have the Knitpicks Options and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz interchangeables and love them as well. Those are both sold in sets and singles, but I’m having trouble finding fixed circulars with a long enough cable in a US 13. You can buy needle tips in that size and a long cable to attach to them though.

If you live where there are craft stores like Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby you can look at their needles. The cables on those needles tend to not be as flexible although that may not be a problem with an afghan because the weight would hold it straighter. I think. I don’t use those needles and I’ve not made an afghan so YMMV.

Yeah- 120 inches?? that’s what, ten feet or so! Also, be careful ordering large needles on Lion Brand. 14" is WAYY too short. I ordered a pair of size 15 needles from them and received “Scarf Needles” Um- I really never saw that in my purchase, if it was posted on their ad at all. 14" is not even wide enough for a basic scarf even if I squish all the stitches really close together on the needle.

That is fine for you to prefer straights, it’s just that it baffles everyone as to why! lol. Circs are SO much easier. No losing stitches. No ugly gaps. So easy to just go round and round . And she’s right about all the different kinds of circulars. I have a couple different kinds and they all feel different from each other and they each have their own pluses and minuses working with them.

Thank you! I will try to get used ti circular needles :blush:

I fought against using circulars, too, but then I realized that they were absolutely necessary if I was going to knit anything beyond a scarf. I’m okay with them now and just recently learned how to use double point needles after saying I would never ever learn to use them. I am still a beginner and sometimes I think I will always be a beginner! :confused:

About needle quality: I still have trouble sometimes when doing a K2 tog and I recently broke the tip off of a Hiya Hiya number 7, while pulling the loop through. If that keeps up, I’ll have to buy aluminum needles!

Grumpygramma: Please tell me more about the Denise needles. You can attach any cord to any needle?? Is it secure enough for someone like me who still has trouble with tight stitches? Hmmmm…this is very interesting…

Wow, you must be a tight knitter if you broke a 7!! I’ve heard of tiny needles breaking, but not that large. I guess that one could have been defective though.

I started with Denise needles and I don’t care for them. They are plastic like material and the cables were very thick. If you don’t mind that then you may like them. They do have a nifty snap in feature. KH has some sets for sale.

I’m getting better at knitting loose but on a K 2tog, I still have a lot of tightness. The points are just so sharp (like needles)
until it’s easy to pop off the very end. Then they are still usable but no more sharp points.

Oh, I looked at the site and that’s still more than I want to spend on needles. I’d like to try just one to see if I like them.