Storing yarn

I’m planning on cleaning out my craft room and maybe redecorating it, so I need to store my yarn in the attic for at least a few months. What is the best storage method so that my yarn doesn’t get ruined while it is up there? Molly

Maybe some Rubbermaid totes or those Space Bags?

I, too, vote for space bags, they are supposed to be impenetrable!

I’d be nervous about something that a mouse could chew through, in case one gets in–they’d think they found heaven!

I’d personally combine the space bags with the rubbermaid totes. the bags will take the air out and make the stach smaller, so that way you could put it in fewer rubbermaids.

I personally store grain for horses in the rubbermaids and have yet to have a mouse problem, so I’d be more worried about moths, I have had moths attack things.

I’ve used Space Bags and it didn’t hold a seal; air was back in it pretty quickly. Wrap the yarn in something cheaper before putting it in the totes.