Storing wool yarn

Many needlepoint stores do not suggest storing wool in sealed plastic bags. The store I worked in kept wool in ziploc vegetable bags. The theory was that the perferations in the vegetable bags allowed the wool to breathe. All other fibers were stored in sealed ziplocs. Do you think the same would hold true for knitting yarns? How do you store your wool yarn?

uuuuuuuuuuuh…i store mine in that basket over there~~~~~~> does that help? :wink:

Mine’s in a drawer.

I have mine in a huge paper bag in the hall closet.

Mine is in a plastic tub in our closet (sans top)

Umm… I never thought about using plastic bags… what’s the advantage…

I have all my yarn stored in a large clear plastic zippered bag (kingsize bed set came in it). I never thought about it not being safe. :shock: The truth is, it is usually open at the corner, as I am constantly getting in and out of it, and don’t usually bother zipping it all the way back shut.

I recently purchased some wool yarn off eBay. When I first got it, it looked great. I couldn’t wait to make something out of it, as it was my first wool purchase. Wal-Mart is my only local yarn source, and they only carry acrylics. Anyway, when I went to unravel it to cast on, I noticed a bad place in the yarn. Further unravelling revealed similar damage throughout. I inspected the other two skeins and found the same thing. Apparently moths had lunched on them. :frowning:

Incidentally, I keep cedar balls (like mothballs, but made of cedar) in my plastic bag.

I’d already left positive feedback for the seller, since they appeared fine when I first took them from the package, so I wasn’t really sure if she’d be willing to make it right or not. I wrote to her yesterday, informing her of the yarn’s condition, and she said she’d get me a check right out. :cheering:

I guess I should put more thought into how to use the yarn rather than how to store it. Seems like my stash keeps growing!

Ahhhhh now that makes sense… never thought of that…

Storing your yarns in some type of covered container keeps moths, dust, dirt, etc., from invading the yarn. I know that on several occassions when we opened plastic bags of needlepoint wool we could smell the mildew. I would assume it was caused by sealed plastic and warm humid conditions.
I guess I’ll try to find more of those vegetable ziplocs. They let the wool breath without letting the moths in!