Storing knitted items


Just wondering if someone knows what is the best way to store baby knitted items for a fairly long period of time to stop them from going musty or whatever. I was thinking of wrapping them in tissue paper and putting them in a box in a cupboard.



That sounds like a question for Heloise!! Sorry, I got nuthin’. :thinking:

If you’re wanting to preserve them for the future (like for grandchildren), you need to wrap it in acid free tissue paper in an acid free box. It wouldn’t hurt to put a lavender sachet with the items to keep moths at bay. Also be sure to take out and refold every six months or so to keep permanent creases from forming.

Hi everyone :smiley: I was just reading this thread and it reminded me of something I once read - in a book I once got from my local library, it said one way of storing knit items such as balls of yarn or finished projects, is to put them into an old (but clean of course! :lol: ) pillow case, which can be stitched up if you aren’t planning on useing the contents for a while. Doing this, it said, would prevent dust from getting at your work or wool.

Does anyone do this?

I was going to suggest the tissue paper & box too. You should be able to buy some from your local dry cleaner who does wedding dresses.

Well, I have kept my son’s baby clothes in a dresser drawer now for 15 years, and they look as good as new.