Storing circular needles


What is the best way to store circular needles to avoid a tangled mess?


Hi, i had the same problem. I found a few solutions on Amazon that i liked. I did a search for “Circular Knitting Needle Storage” I bought one that hangs & has slots for the needles to slide through. They are marked 1-15 with 2 empty slots. I liked that one because of the way they hang in it, this way they aren’t kept in a small circle. Makes it easier to use them later. Good luck in your search.


Thanks for the reply. That hanging storage for circular needles sounds like just what I need! Going search on Amazon. Thanks again.


If they are single circulars (like not interchangeable) the hanging storage seems good unless you need to have them in a bag. Like this:

I use interchangables and use a case like this.


Thanks Jan! Those are nice. I think I need the hanging one.


I saw it recommended somewhere, so I bought, a fishing rig wallet. They look a bit like a soft backed CD case, they have plastic zip lock clear inserts and Velcro fastening. I just put each needle into an insert and labelled it with the needle size and cable length. It didn’t cost much and does the job.


What a great idea!! Thanks!


The make I bought was Zebco, medium size I think it is and around £5


Your welcome Molly426, I like that the hanging one helps straighten them out. I looked for quite some time before I decided on the hanging one. It’s under $20.00 & works great. I don’t like keeping them curled up