Stop me

I haven’t even received my spindle yet and I’m pricing roving. :pout: HELP!! God help me should I ever get a wheel. What have I done

[size=1]come a little closer[/size]


LOL Julie.

I don’t think that you will get any help there hun. I have no spare money what so ever ( :!!!: college) yet I have been finding myself surfing the roving sellers and mentally figuring in my head how much food I could go without in order to buy some. :doh: So at least you are in good company :thumbsup:

You could at least tell me where I can get more roving for the buck! Sheesh. :rofl:

Here’s what I’ve been looking into or have already gotten. Let me tempt you with fiber now…muwahahahahaha
Has a luxury fiber kit that I absolutely :heart:
Good to play with and try a bunch of different fibers. Not that easy to spin. You may find your fiber of choice though. If you order from her let me know. I adore this fiber.
Also has sampler packs and very reasonable fiber.

e-bay baby…just do some pricing.
I want sooooo much to try this roving. Love the idea of the day’s end roving and such.

Anything else I can tempt you with? Oh being evil is sooooo much fun. :twisted:

:shock: Oh gosh! Purty. I’ll be like :pout: honey, can I buy… DH is going to kill me!


You’re new to spinning. So, here’s lesson 1. 8 oz of fiber is a good bit! It goes a long way. Start by drafting thin. Since your budget is tight you gotta get that down. Makes nicer yarn that way too. You can at least make a scarf or fingerless mits or maybe a hat out of 8 oz.

Lesson 2: More like advice or whatever…Spindlers should practice about 15 mins a day. I dunno why but I’ve read it many times. It’ll be frustrating at first, but out of the blue it clicks.

So 8 oz will go a long long way at first :smiley:

Day’s end roving will last a while and is 7 bucks. Not bad at all. I have no idea how it spins though. If you like it then ask them.

Wollery has coarse roving for about 7 too. Then there’s the softer corriedale for 13. Don’t get merino…very difficult to spin.

And to try silk get soy silk. It is beyond soft and shiney. 26 bucks for a pound!

I’m sure your spindle comes with roving of some kind. Spin it then knit something out of it. I’m making a rug out of my first singles. Felted items work good too. After it’s knitted then buy some more. That will make you feel better.

Don’t forget your LYS if they have roving. Let them know you’re a budget minded spindler. They should have something that will fit what you need.

Stay in the wool and wool blends. They are cheaper. Find a spinner’s guild and join. Knisters give out their stash yarn so spinners give away their stash roving. And they know where the deals are.

I’m off to my first guild meeting today! The members all seem to sell fiber and wheels. I’m in big, big trouble…the Kromski Sonata is begging me to buy it. And I’m riding with a lady that has her own alpacas. :pout:

I highly recommend High Prairie…very reasonable prices and a great beginner fiber. :thumbsup:

I go to Spinning Bunny every day and fantasize about buying…just about everything. I mean, come on, when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says “I’ve felt butter that’s scratchier” how can I resist?

(waiting for birthday money)

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything until I’ve actually tried spinning whatever it is that comes with the kit. It would be soooooo easy to get sucked in, only to find out I don’t like it, or can’t get the hang of it. I’ve been bookmarking pages and I wait for the mail. LOL. Thanks for the hints and advice.