Stop it elann!

darn you for sending me tempting emails. darn you to heck! my paycheck isn’t in the bank until 0600 and yet i have an order all ready to be placed. ahhhhhhhhh the hemp! ahhhhhhhhh the mitten patches for dd’s mittens! ahhhhhhh the roving to thrum the precious mittens!

the ideas are rolling around in my head. could one thrum the child’s initials onto the back of the mittens, essentially making them theft proof? rats!!! i must go to bed now. but how can one sleep?:woot: :eyes: :zombie: :tap:

I know, isn’t it just awful! Enablers! :hair:


I always grab a tissue before I look at their newsletters.:drool:

It’s gotten so that if I’m reading my email, my husband says “are you shopping for yarn again?” and I say no, it’s an email. He says “email yarn shopping!”:roflhard: