Stolen yarn in metro Atlanta

I was watching the news this evening and was surprised by a story about yarn. Seeing the story I was both horrified and quite angry.

Apparently, 2 women in metro Atlanta have been arrested for stealing from LYS(plural) and we are not talking one or two skeins. One store has recovered their stolen yarn (thanks to one woman’s DH) and it was over $12,000 worth! That’s one woman’s take from one store. I believe that the reporter stated a total stolen over $50,000!

It has been suggested that these women were planning to sell the yarn on e-bay which made me even more angry. I mean, owning a LYS cannot be the easiest thing and to have a “customer” steal that much of your inventory and turn around and sell it on-line even cheaper is enough to run a LYS out of business. Not to implicate any sellers in metro Atlanta but these 2 are currently in jail so there may be some e-bay bidders wondering what happened to their Lorna’s Lace or Baby Alpaca or Noro - yes, they stole the good stuff!

I just wanted to share because it made me so angry. Things like this can hurt knitters everywhere and drive LYS owners out of business. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for letting me vent.

OK I’m gonna come out now and say something that I dunno how it will go down here. So I started knitting about 2 months ago again after a long break, found KH and have fallen in love with the site, and the wonderful people here.

So, I’ve been a long time ebay user buying various items of various kinds (mostly collecting stuff) and then I started buying knitting stuff. My gosh… in the last month I’ve met a bunch of very shady people selling knitting stuff on ebay! From the ones not sending the items to the ones boosting postage costs by 300% to the rude and curt emails that I didn’t pay fast enough (what 20 seconds after the end of the auction wasn’t fast enough?).

So with that in mind, this story somehow doesn’t surprise me. It does make me somewhat angry too, people have the biggest cheek and will try to get away with blue murder wherever they can. I have been pretty shocked by the knitting world so far… but at the same time I go to somewhere like Kemp’s store and find the most wonderful of persons!

If anyone wants to read an article, here you go:
But I wouldn’t recommend reading any of the “popular stories” linked at the bottom. My roommate and I are depressing ourselves with them.

She should get her yarn back AND press charges! If they were stealing jewelry or electronics, there would be no question.

I think anytime something becomes popular, ugly people get involved and take advantage. I wonder how much stuff on ebay is stolen?

:frowning: That’s horrible!

You wouldn’t really think of someone to steal like that. Exspecially a 68 year old! :shock:

When reading this, that is exactly what went through my mind. I bought some Lorna’s Laces from Ebay - I had to check just now to make sure they weren’t from Atlanta! They were thankfully from NH. Gah it makes me worried now and Ebay is one of the best sources of selections of yarns for me =(

I just can’t believe that people will do such things :shock:
As for ebay, I do a lot of shopping on Ebay, I’ve got a few ebay stores that I buy from & have been very pleased with them…one lady has offered to refund my $ (I didn’t buy insurance) bc the yarn hasn’t arrived @ my house yet, she’s also started a trace by the USPS to look for the lost item…fantastic customer service!

My DH does a great deal of e-bay stuff and has met some wonderful people. I think that most people are honest but, as with any industry, there are people doing things that are shady. I will probably continue to deal with e-bay but I try to use common sense - if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

The link that Cate posted is the one that I saw but… I don’t usually watch this news program and just happened to see the report. Thanks Cate, for the exact info. I was a bit steamed by the report and probably missed some things. :oops:

I’m glad that I’m not the only one outraged by the actions of these women. All the knitters that I’ve met here are wonderful, lovely people and maybe that’s why I was so shocked - I expect better of my fellow knitters.