Stockingnetter vs. reverse

Hooray!! I’m back to knitting :cheering: :knitting:
I’m currently working on a thing…not quite big enough for a throw (well, maybe a baby blanket) with a large border in garter stitch (with 2 different cable stitches going up the sides and a central square pattern that I was originally going to do in stockingnette stitch, just to make it different from the border. However, the videos I watched to learn the 2 cable stitches I’m using both use it on a reverse stockingnette.

My question is what is the difference and which do you think would work better on my thing?

Great to be back :hug:

Reverse stockinette is the backside of regular stockinette.

Cables are usually (but not always) worked in stockinette stitch so that the knit sts form the cable. This pattern shows up best with a couple of purl sts on either side or on a background of reverse st. st.
It’s really up to you which you like best. Take a look at several patterns on Ravelry to get an idea of different cables and background patterns.

I am assuming you’re asking about the background for the cables, right?? Not the cables themselves?!?

Anyway, all the cables I’ve done have been worked in stockinette stitch with purl stitches on the sides. That makes the cables stand out from the background. So, I would do the cables in stockinette and the background in reverse stockinette.