Stocking Stitch on circular needles

Hi I’m new…and an avid beginner knitter LOL

I’m knitting on circular needles…the first 10 or so rows were using the stocking stitch (all stitches were knit, no purl for knitting in the round)…and the right side was on the outside of the project…then I did 6 rows of the fur stitch, and now back to the stocking stitch…

now that I’m knitting again, the “right” side of the project is now being knit on the wrong side…If I switch to purl, the right side will be on the proper side…does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Rather than the nice pattern on the outisde, I’m getting the nubby stitch that should be on the inside…Many thanks!

Have you perhaps flipped your work? This video is for dpns but it holds true for circular needles too.

Thank you so much for your reply…after undoing it a few times, discovered that’s exactly what I did…somehow got it turned around…Thanks so much!

If possible, put down work mid-needle and you won’t go the wrong way again.

And, as I tell all the kids I work with, “Making mistakes isa goodway to learn.”

The yarn always comes from the right, even if you hold needles in left hand. All good things to remember and, with luck, not get lost again.