Stocking Knit is still curling

I am making a scarf and have knitting the last 3 stitches on each side, as the pattern directed, but it is still curling in. Any suggestions?

If it’s a natural fiber, you could try steam blocking the heck out of it when it’s done.

Or, go up a needle size or two. If you are knitting tightly, it can cause this to happen, even if you add a border. (I’ve run into this before and had to go up a needle size from what was recommended on the yarn’s ball band.)

Three stitches may not be quite enough to counteract the rolling if the gauge is small. You need about an inch worth which is 5 sts if you’re using worsted weight yarn on size 8 or 9s.

Which explains why the hood of this cardi (see my sig) in acrylic is curling so badly. Maybe I should “kill” the hood part - but that’s a decision for blocking. I doubt it’ll be used much, so I’ll probably just leave it. Or maybe I’ll frog it and go with a garter stitch collar. Six inches into the hood though… sigh

Just so you know Trish–if you’re using 100% acryclic, you’re probably not going to be able to block it out. But once it’s sewn together, it might get better, if you do decide to do the hood. You could also try putting crochet edging around it.

The pattern is really cute. Make sure you post a pic when you’re done!

I just re-looked at the pattern - the part that is curling (the “bottom” edge) will be sewn together. The curl will try to pull itself to the outside, but will have nowhere to go. The other end flows straight into the yoke, so will have nowhere to curl either.

I debated making this in a different yarn. I know acrylic is notorious for not blocking, and stockinette curls. But machine washable… I think a hand knit should be used, and that baby clothes should be able to be easily washed, otherwise what’s the point of having it? I would hate to have put a lot of effort in for a friend and have it go to waste, you know?

Whoever designed this was a smart cookie. The hood edges, which are currently the sides of the flat piece are NOT curling due to the 4 garter stitches on either end of the rows. Although, as I do tend to drone out knitting, I had to put a marker before the last 4 stitches in the purl row - before I did so I found myself purling to the end of the row and tinking at least three times.

I think it’ll be good, and good practice. And I’m going to quit threadjacking now…

I agree about making baby clothes (and kid clothes) machine washable. I use superwash wool a lot for that reason, although it doesn’t block well either. I saw a pattern for a baby sweater once that called for-get this-100% cashmere. Yeah right!

Anyway, it sounds like the design will take care of the issue for you.