Stockinette striped scarf; how to change colors?

So I’ve been double knitting (stockinette stitch; knit 1, purl 1) for a scarf that I’m about 1/3 of the way completed. I’m going to finish it in the technique I’ve been doing, but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong haha. When I switch colors, I’m been leaving a tail, cutting the old color, and then starting with a new color (also leaving a tail.) I’ll tie the two tails together, but it obviously creates a little knot, and the edge stitches aren’t tight. It’s 30 stitches wide, and each block of color is 6 rows if that helps at all.

So you’re switching colors every other row? Meaning you knit across, turn, knit, switch colors and knit across, turn and knit, etc?

If you’re switching g colors every other row like that you can just carry the color you aren’t using up the side. You bring the new color under the old and knit, turn, knit, etc.

No, each block of color is 6 rows. Meaning I knit and purl across 30 stitches 6 times, and then start the next color. I cut the stands because I didn’t want the long line of color on the sides

You should be able to weave in the ends without knotting. It would give you a nicer finish.

Since it’s double knitting, you could carry the unused yarn up the inside of the tube. Cross it over when you switch colors as Jan suggested.

GrumpyGramma, will sewing them in be secure enough? this is my first project, so I don’t know anything lol :slight_smile:

Salmonmac and Jan, is there a way to carry up the color without showing the big long strands? Like it’s 6 rows tall, and brining up the color the way I was shown leaves a big stand of color exposed which I think looks distracting

Are you doing double knitting or stockinette stitch?? That will help with our answers!


Are you using a pattern we could look at? A link to it would be helpful.